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SICCS screens and assesses individuals’ eligibility for State and Federally funded services.  The PAS determines eligibility by:  determining if the individual has a developmental disability, and what services the individual is eligible to receive.  Once eligibility has been determined, SICCS offers choices of service options available.


Independent Service Coordination (ISC) allows SICCS QMRPs to serveas independent advocates for individuals who have a developmental disability.  ISC may include:   Individual Service and Support Advocacy (ISSA):  All adults with developmental disabilities, enrolled in the Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services Waiver, receive ISSA services.  The ISSA advocates on behalf of the individual to ensure satisfaction regarding current services; to ensure that individual needs are met and to ensure individual rights are respected; state mandated follow-up services for individuals who move from a state-operated facility to a community residence to ensure successful transition into the community; linkage to and participation in state offered technical assistance programs for individuals who may be at risk of losing their current services; and education, linkage and referral to other community services.